Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bob's Guacamole

My husband, Jim, grew up in a town in northern San Diego called Fallbrook.  The town is known for its avocado groves.  They claim the title of "The Avocado Capitol of the Country."  They even have an avocado festival there each year.  So -people that grew up there probably know a thing or two about avocados. :)  Jim's brother, Bob, makes this guacamole and it's awesome!  I hate having big chunks of onion or cilantro in my guac so this recipe is right up my alley!  You get all the flavor without the chunks!  Thanks Bob for a great recipe!

2 Large Avocados
1/4 Onion
1 Serrano Chili Pepper
1 Lime
1 Large Roma Tomato
Salt to Taste

1. In a Blender puree juice from lime, onion, serrano chili (seeds removed) and 1/3 of the tomato.

2. Pour Mixutre into a bowl and add avocados

3. Pulse remaining tomato in blender until chopped. Add to bowl and stir/mash to desired consistency.  I like to use a potato masher.

5. Add salt to taste

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  1. This is soooo delicious!!! I need to make this just about every week!